Conference Announcement


“Pens in One Hand, Trowels in the Other”

Interdisciplinary Studies with the Sixth Postgraduate Conference in Conflict Archaeology


University of Glasgow, October 19-20th 2019

The organising team is proud to announce that, in 2019, the archaeology of conflict will be making a triumphant return to the University of Glasgow in the form of the Sixth Postgraduate Conference in Conflict Archaeology. Founded in Glasgow in 2011, this conference offers postgraduates and early career researchers the opportunity to share their research and learn from some of the leading figures in the study of past conflict.

Since the first international conference in Conflict Archaeology was held at Glasgow in 2000, the discipline has grown and matured into a wide field of study that embraces more than just battlefields and sites of conflict. It has become a holistic approach to the study of past conflict, which straddles the traditional boundaries between a wide variety of disciplines including archaeology, history, anthropology, museology, library science and archives studies.

The Sixth Postgraduate Conference will celebrate this multi-disciplinary nature of Conflict Archaeology through a two-day weekend conference in October 2019, open to any with an interest in the field. The conference is hosted in association with the University of Glasgow’s Centre for Battlefield Archaeology, Scottish Centre for War Studies, Hunterian Museum & Art Gallery, and Archives & Special Collections. It will be held in the spectacular Kelvin Hall, a landmark building being transformed by a partnership between the University of Glasgow, Glasgow Museums, and the National Library of Scotland.

A Call for Papers will be released in the coming months.

Further information and updates can be found using the links below:




Twitter: @pgca2019, #pgca2019

Organising Team:

  • Euan Loarridge, PhD Candidate History, University of Glasgow
  • Marc Conaghan, PhD Candidate Archaeology, University of Glasgow
  • Jesper Ericsson, Curatorial Assistant, Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery

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